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How AI is Changing the Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a concept that has been buzzing around for a few years and has recently become a hot topic in customer service. 



AI gives machines the ability to learn from experience as they take in more data and perform tasks like humans. This concept is changing the future by teaching machines or robots how to learn from data, recognize patterns, and make decisions as humans would. By utilizing AI, activities can be automated, customers can be better understood, expenses can be minimized, and the customer experience can be personalized. 



At BCA, the customer experience is at the heart of our business. We are continuously looking for ways to explore the patient journey and improve the service and experience we provide during every interaction. 



A few years ago, we began utilizing Call Miner’s Eureka software, an AI-powered customer intelligence tool, that allows us to analyze our customer interactions across various measures of service, compliance, performance, and efficiency. 



The customer intelligence gathered by Eureka is used to provide valuable feedback to our account representatives. This tool allows us to uncover valuable customer information and trends, like the reasons why customers call, their behaviors and emotions, what causes dissatisfaction, and how customers feel toward our organization. Armed with these insights, we can coach and mentor our staff members to be allies to customers which improves the connection between the account representative and customers. 



Being able to optimize pivotal moments of interaction with customers and orchestrate the journey in a way that creates higher levels of satisfaction for both our representative and the customer has allowed BCA to raise our standards in the customer experience we deliver.

In addition to exploring customer behaviors, we utilize Eureka to assure our account representatives are performing optimally and compliantly. By removing the reliance on sample-based call monitoring, the result is significantly improved performance due to more accurate, comprehensive, and objective evaluations. 



Whereas in many agencies, representatives are traditionally reviewed and measured based on a small sample size of manually reviewed calls, Eureka enables BCA to deliver robust quality reviews across the entire populations of calls, and to score and deliver daily coaching based on any number of quality KPI’s to include:


– Regulatory disclosures


– Script adherence


 – Client requirement adherence



– Service level metrics



– Productivity metrics



In addition to automating and improving quality monitoring and performance feedback, the data and intelligence provided through Eureka’s automated analysis of every patient interaction allows us to:



– Measure the delivery of excellent customer service


– Take action on assuring compliance


– Identify and improve processes and policies


– Identify and verify trends within client’s customer base


AI plays an essential role in how we evaluate a customer’s experience with our organization. As AI continues to evolve, we will continue to evaluate how we can utilize this technology in our business practices. 


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