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The Evolution of the Patient Experience

The increase of high-deductible health plans and public insurance exchanges has fundamentally changed the way patients seek healthcare and pay their medical bills. In today’s market, the patient is no longer simply a passive receiver of services and and procedures. As deductibles and copays increase, the patients have taken on the role of payer and consumer engagement is a top priority.

With a higher portion of the costs shifting to the patient, they now have a greater personal and financial stake in their healthcare than ever before.

There is a shared belief that patients are now consumers, carefully shopping for their healthcare. As patients become more in control and protective of their healthcare dollars, they are becoming more discriminating purchasers.


Consumers want more information, more convenience and a higher degree of service than many health systems have historically provided. They want to know up front what they are expected to pay, easy access to information and treated with respect. They want the experience to be more customer service oriented.


In this new world of higher patient responsibility, patients are looking for better communication, transparency regarding cost and quality and intuitive tools to help them compare prices in order to make the most cost-effective healthcare decisions. They want the same level of experience they receive from other industries with the same flexible payment options.


As an outsource partner, BCA’s mission is to connect consumers and businesses through customer centric account resolution. Our strategy for a fully satisfying patient experience includes customized workflows based on an individual’s propensity to pay, convenient payment options and the ability to manage functions online, patient friendly technology, one call resolution, friendly statements, and compassionate communications.


The patient’s experience began with quality health care provided by your facility. You’ve worked hard to establish that trusted relationship; BCA’s responsibility is to continue that process.

To learn more about BCA and how we assist in making patient collections more compassionate, please contact us.


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