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BCA History

BCA Financial Services, Inc. is a family owned and operated debt collection agency.  It was founded by William H. Hearne in 1944.  When the company was founded, it was known as the Bureau of Credit Administration. 


In the 1950s, William H. Hearne's son, also named William H. Hearne,  took over the Bureau of Credit Administration.  He became the second generation to run the agency.



In 1956, the Bureau of Credit Administration was incorporated.





In 1994, the Bureau of Credit Administration changed its name to BCA Financial Services, Inc. to better describe its expanded portfolio of financial services. 




In 1997, Cindy Darley, Kathy Kinggard, and Pam Kirchner took over operation of the company.  Cindy and Kathy are William H. Hearne's daughters, and are the third generation to run BCA Financial Services, Inc.



In 2006, BCA Financial Services, Inc. moved to its new location at the Palmetto Bay Village Center.