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Employee Testimonials

"BCA Financial Services is a fair, honest and professional work environment.  Since starting at BCA, I've been treated with respec by Pam, Kathy, Cindy and my co-workers.  It's like an extended family where someone is always there to lend a hand, make improvements and encourage new ideas.  I also have to include the location of the office.  I've lived in Miami all my life and enjoy coming to work to be able to see the beauty of my home." 


"Working for BCA has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I have had.  This company is extremely people- and client- oriented, which brings out the BEST in BCA employees and members of society.  It is valuable to my future business and just as importantly allows me to improve upon the level of service I provide.  This is a great company!" 


"My experience with BCA Financial Services has been very rewarding.  BCA has helped me grow as a collector with the support they have given me and the challenges they have presented to me.  Every day is a new experience and I feel very fortunate to be employed with BCA.
At BCA Financial Services, client satisfaction is priority one.  I make a special effort in working with patients to resolve account disputes and handle ongoing patient collections in a manner consistent with industry standards.  BCA would be an asset to any business regarding their collection needs."


"Working as part of the early out accounts is rewarding because not only are we making sure the hospital stays in business, but we help patients out in a difficult time."


"Working for BCA means belonging to an organizaion that has principles and that is humble enough to recognize the individual potential and strive that each employee has to offer.  I enjoy coming to work every day and being proud of what I do and what the company I work for represents.
BCA... you're stuck with me!!
Being an employee of BCA Financial Services means belonging to a family."