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Extended Business Offices Services

Tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client

Communication in name of provider


Third party

Third Party Follow-up and Reimbursement Programs

Communication in name of provider

Billing and follow-up

Secondary billing

Denied claim appeals

Utilization review appeals

Contract underpayments

Customized appeal letters

Self-Pay Communication Program

Communication in name of provider                        

Extension of provider’s “in-house” collection efforts

Patient Friendly Billing

Customized statement/letter series

Two-way communication

Customer service

Predictive Dialing

Account Scoring

Dispute resolution

Early diagnosis of account

Medicaid eligibility verification

Skip tracing

Timely Follow-up

Insurance identification and Follow-up                     

Payment Monitor Program

Communication in name of provider

Monthly reminder notices

Telephone follow-up

Periodic evaluation of payment plan

Payment calculator